Leadership is often said to be the single most determining factor of a successful organisation. Leadership is about getting it right.

Our training will focus upon the key factors to success

The training can be in the form of bespoke advice and guidance to a single leader or a full leadership team. It can also take the form of a full programme of leadership training with improvement modules in leadership, management, teaching, learning, coaching, managing change.

Managing Change

One thing that is certain in a forward looking organisation is change. We can provide training to ensure that the change is successfully managed in order that transformation is embedded within the culture of the organisation.


Consultancy is primarily focused upon improving the school or organisation. We will provide advice, expertise; solution led questioning to identify possible options. This may include:

  • Reviewing current position
  • Carrying out an analysis of current leadership and management systems and protocols
  • Supporting the development of detailed planning, ensuring consistency
  • Examining ways of building capacity
  • Assisting in the Development of consistent procedures
  • Identifying issues to seek solutions
  • Analysing statistics
  • Designing and implementing training programmes for school leaders at all levels in the organisation.
  • Discussing possible solutions and ways forward

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