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Russian beauty marriage agency Saint Petersburg

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

Richard La Ruina stated ‘qualified ‘ British ladies don’t even look after their appearances.

A BRITISH dating pro has given a scathing review of English girls — and strongly suggested the blokes date Eastern European women instead.

Richard La Ruina, 37, from Cambridge has released two bestselling-books on seduction and continues to be termed "among the nation ‘s top pickup artists" previously.

The relationship pro asserts British girls are very entitled and obese.

He ardently counsels his English male customers to steer clear of home-grown women and proceed for Eastern European women — that are more womanly, well-mannered and prettier, in his view.

He since outdated about 200 "great and lovely Russian ladies " until he met with his wife Katia at February 2015 at a pub.

Katia is intentionally unemployed and the few expect to have kids within the following calendar year.

Richard, who wed Katia, 26, in December last year in Mauritus, stated: "In my personal and professional opinion, I recommend my male customers not date British ladies.

"If you’re searching for a woman who’s beautiful, smart and has great manners, then proceed for a Eastern European woman.

"Obviously my mom is English rather than enjoy this — but generally speaking, I believe British girls are entitled, obese and not as female.

"They need a man who’s effective, handsome and chivalrous though they don’t need much to offer in return.

"And they want the guy to become a gentleman though they refuse to match the traditional role of the girl in the family and look after their appearances. English women simply think they must be with a guy like this.

"I’ve met numerous powerful, fine British men that are trying hard to get a girlfriend in the UK dating scene — since English girls are searching for a lot of. They’re overly confused and also they overlook ‘t create wives.

They are considerably more simple, elegant and accountable for these — you won’t find them swearing, getting drunk at a nightclub or moving home with somebody on the initial date just like most British women.

"And of course, beauty and looks play a massive factor also. Tall and lean women are the standard in Eastern European nations.

"For me personally however, girls in Russia would be the entire package. It is possible to visit Russia and easily locate a lady who looks like a supermodel, has a Masters degree and may play the violin in precisely the exact same moment. "

Richard stated he moved to Moscow to obtain a spouse but outdated countless beautiful Russian women until he fulfilled Katia.


Richard describes: "I’m constantly frustrated as it’s hard for my lovely Russian female friends to return to England due to visas etc. For British men, it could be a godsend to possess more Eastern European women in their nation.

They can learn a great deal from Russian women about the way to be an appealing and lovely — not only in looks but also in behavior. "

Before getting one of Britain’s most famed pickup artists, Richard was ineffective with the opposite gender — and also didn’t kiss a girl till he was 21 years old.

However, in their own mid-twenties, Richard discovered about seduction. Shortly he had no difficulty picking up thousands of girls and started educating others about his pickup dating techniques.

However Richard, that had been residing in London at the moment, became miserable with the calibre of only British women.

It is going to immediately endear one to any girl you meet.

Get the sense of the relationship arena and make friends with neighborhood men there — Eastern Europeans are usually very approachable and will present you to their female partners.

Eastern European ladies don’t enjoy that wishy-washy man who claims to enjoy Sex and the City also and allows their girlfriend walk around them. They don’t locate that appealing so with girls, you have to be the powerful, secure and protected guy who stands firm if challenged.

When you find a gorgeous Russian girl in the bar, be direct and move up to them. Getting fair usually works and so long as you look okay, they’ll likely agree and proceed on a date with you.

Richard, that charges around $500 (377) to get a one-hour skype telephone with his customers, stated: "Over time, I realised I wasn’t actually enjoying my dates with all English ladies.

"By my husband, I wished to russian women for marriage have married and meet somebody who I needed to repay. However, I wasn’t locating the ideal woman in Britain and has been wondering if I had to lower my standards to discover a long-term spouse.

However, not one of those women were union material.

"However although I had been in London, I did get an opportunity to date women from various countries and I discovered my greatest experiences were Russian girls who’d biggest russian dating site lately come to the UK. "

Richard’s pick-up dating company continued to flourish and he chose to go travelling in 2009. On his trip, his realised the Eastern European women — especially Russian women – were his favorite kind of women.

In September 2011, Richard chose to permanently go to Moscow.

He explained: "My company was performing well so I decided to go traveling and concentrate on my private life. I moved to 59 states in complete and throughout my journeys, I realised that the most gorgeous women have been in Eastern Europe.

"I moved into the Ukraine, Lithuania, Lativia and Estonia amongst other nations, but once I got to Moscow I determined that Russian women were my favorite concerning character and looks.

"They had these amazing attributes in abundance, and so I chose to go there permanently and locate the girl that I needed to devote my life with.

"When I arrived to Russia, I had been amazed by how magnificent and amazing these girls were. However, I told me that I wasn’t likely to settle with the first woman I met at Moscow.

"I had been seriously interested in making the ideal choice about my future and I had been convinced Russia was the ideal spot to satisfy my wife. "

Richard has since noticed a movement among successful British guys that are travelling to Eastern Europe, especially Russia, to meet their prospective wives.

He clarified: "In the past few decades, there will appear to be a move towards Eastern European girls.

"There’s an increase of wealthy male marketers that are unsatisfied with their love life in the UK and comprehend the remedy would be to visit Russia in which it’s just easier for them to fulfill the best girls.

"But I feel any British man who enjoys traditional family values, attractiveness and femininity, should proceed to get an Eastern European girl.

"Although when a man wants a spouse to drink beer watch the football together and generally be among those lads together — don’t move for a Russian woman. "

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